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  • Evolution Theatre’s first season as a Resident Company of the Arts Court Theatre
  • Ottawa premieres of Mary Magdalene and Adventures in Sobriety by Berni Stapleton and [boxhead] by Darren O’Donnell at Arts Court;
  • Ottawa English-language premiere of In The Eyes of Stone Dogs by Daniel Danis, translated by Linda Gaboriau in the Arts Court Theatre;
  • Production done in association with the Ottawa Theatre School (OTS)
  • Reviews: “another rowdy, throat-grabber of a show from Evolution.”
    – Kevin Reid, The Visitorium


  • World English-language premiere of Little Martyrs by Dominick Parenteau-Lebeuf, translated by Mishka Lavigne, in Arts Court, Ottawa Dance Directive, Studio A;
  • Awards:
    Prix Rideau Awards nomination, Mishka Lavigne, Outstanding Adaptation / Translation
    Prix Rideau Awards nomination, Pierre Ducharme, Emerging Artist Award (Set Designer)
    Prix Rideau Awards nomination, Mishka Lavigne, Emerging Artist Award (Translator)
    “ Give Evolution Theatre credit: these folks eagerly tackle difficult work that we might otherwise never see.”
    – Patrick Langston, Ottawa Citizen
    “This is a chance to watch Christopher Bedford at work, and see how this excellent director makes his way through a play that poses many challenges, but will certainly not leave you indifferent.”
    – Alvina Ruprehct, CBC Radio
  • World premiere of The Lavender Railroad by Lawrence Aronovitch.
  • Awards:
    Prix Rideau Awards, Joël Beddows, Outstanding Direction
    Prix Rideau Awards, Beverley Wolfe, Outstanding Performance, Female
    Prix Rideau Awards nomination, AL Connors, Outstanding Design (Sound)
    Prix Rideau Awards nomination, Lawrence Aronovitch, Outstanding New Creation
    Capital Critics Circle nomination, Joël Beddows, Best Director (Professional)
    “A magnificent collaboration between four highly sensitive actors and a director that works with great precision and intuition. ”
    – Alvina Ruprehct, CBC Radio
    “The Lavender Railroad heralds a new era of contemporary theatre in Ottawa, presented by artists whose work is exceptionally sophisticated, intelligent and aesthetically stunning. But, then I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Evolution Theatre. ”
    – Alvina Ruprehct, CBC Radio


  • Evolution Theatre turns 5 years old in December of 2010;
  • Development workshop of Little Martyrs (English version) - a translation of La petite scrap by Dominick Parenteau-Lebeuf, to be produced in 2011
  • Development workshops of Safe House and Ex Cathedra, two one-act companion pieces by Lawrence Aronovitch, to be produced in 2011;
  • Evolution Theatre is named one of three Resident Companies of the Arts Court Theatre.


  • Evolution Theatre incorporated as a registered charity;
  • Ottawa English-language premiere of Roland Schimmelpfennig’s Arabian Night at Cube Gallery.
  • Canadian premiere of Mark Ravenhill’s pool (no water) in the Studio Theatre at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre
  • Reviews: “It’s sure that no other company in Ottawa is doing what Evolution dares to do. So do take a chance and go see it. It’s very good. ”
    – Alvina Ruprehct, CBC Radio
    “…smart and chilling…strong choral work, powerful physicality and some wickedly black humour distinguish the show. ”
    – Patrick Langston, Ottawa Citizen


  • Christopher Bedford nominated for Emerging Artist at the 1st Annual Rideau Awards, which celebrate achievements in professional theatre in Ottawa for his directorial work on both Possible Worlds and Insomnia;
  • Evolution Theatre nominated for Emerging Artist/Company of the Year at the Golden Cherries;
  • Ottawa English-language premiere of Larry Tremblay’s The Ventriloquist, translated by Keith Turnbull;
    Reviews: “(Evolution Theatre is) an important contribution to the professional theatre scene in Ottawa.”
    – Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio
    Awards: Capital Critics Circle nomination, Christopher Bedford, Best Director (Professional)
    Rideau Award nomination, Lisa Twardowska, Outstanding Performance – Female
    Rideau Award nomination, Joshua McMillan, Outstanding Stage Management
  • Sold-out presentation of Daniel MacIvor’s This Is A Play at the Ottawa Fringe Festival – remounted in November as part of Meta Schmeta: An Evening of One-Act Plays, in conjunction with local companies Gruppo Rubato and mutatis mutandis;
    Reviews: “Chris Bedford is an exceptionally talented young man… (The show) is great fun!”
    – Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio
    “Comedy is hard to do well… (the cast) makes it look easy.”
    – Brian M. Carroll, Theatre Enthusiast
  • Ottawa English-language premiere of Dominic Champagne’s Playing Bare, translated by Shelley Tepperman;
    Reviews: “…shockingly moving.” – Jeremy Mesiano-Crookston, Ottawa XPress
    Awards: Best Theatrical Performance nomination, Ottawa XPress
    Rideau Award nomination, Joshua McMillan, Outstanding Stage Management
  • Evolution Theatre accepted as one of two Production Mentorship Companies through the Great Canadian Theatre Company;


  • Critically acclaimed productions of John Mighton’s Possible Worlds and Daniel Brooks & Guillermo Verdecchia’s Insomnia;
    Reviews: “Chris Bedford works meticulously at pinpointing all the threads of meaning.”
    – Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio
    Insomnia leaves you tingling, alive with questions.”
    – Kat Fournier, Ottawa XPress
  • Evolution Theatre officially incorporated as a not-for-profit organization.


  • Evolution Theatre founders Christopher Bedford, Linda Bedford and Nancy Kenny collaborate on an Ottawa Fringe Festival production.


  • Inaugural Evolution Theatre production of Dario Fo’s We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! in the Léonard Beaulne Studio at the University of Ottawa;
  • Show performed in masks that were designed and created by the cast and crew;
  • Admission by donation to the Ottawa Food Bank.

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